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Adidas Black Friday sale drops the price of Velosamba and Gravel cycling shoes

Despite Black Friday still being a few days away, there aren’t many brands that haven’t already unveiled their Black Friday bike deals to the world. Among the latest to launch is the Adidas Black Friday sale in the USA, which caters to everyone from dedicated athletes to sporting enthusiasts, along with its more fashion-focused audience. 

Adidas needs no introduction as a brand. It’s a global behemoth, we’ve all heard of it and if you have any inclination towards sport, you’ve probably owned a pair of its shoes at some point in life. But you’d be forgiven for wondering why we here at Cyclingnews care that the brand has launched its sale. 

In late 2020, Adidas announced its return to cycling with its aptly named ‘The Road Shoe’. The world-renowned sports clothing and footwear brand had previously taken a 15-year hiatus from the sport after decades servicing the professional peloton, including riders such as Eddy Merckx, who had worn them to countless victories during his prime in the ’70s. 

Following the success of The Road Shoe, Adidas followed it up with two new options in 2021. March saw the launch of the Velosamba, a commuter-focussed street shoe based around the popular Samba shoes, but with inbuilt SPD cleat compatibility. Then in August, Adidas launched another aptly named shoe, The Gravel Shoe, which lo and behold, was a shoe for gravel riding. 

If the social media buzz and the quantity of readers who landed on our news stories are anything to go by, these were two of the biggest shoe launches this year. I almost got caught up in the hype and nearly bought a pair of Velosambas for myself, but two things stopped me… first, I don’t actually need casual shoes with SPD compatibility (but when did that stop me buying cycling kit?), and secondly, the price. At $120.00 (£100), they were a little too spendy for a pair of shoes that I ultimately didn’t need and probably wouldn’t actually use for cycling beyond just for the novelty of it. 

Fast forward to today and it’s (nearly) Black Friday, the Black Friday cycling shoe deals are cropping up all over the shop, and if you’re in the USA and were holding out for a better price on either the Velosamba or the Gravel Shoes like me, you’re in luck, as we’ve highlighted below. 

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