Home Race-Results Brunner repeats on day 2 at Really Rad Festival of Cyclocross

Brunner repeats on day 2 at Really Rad Festival of Cyclocross

1 Eric Brunner (USA) Blue Competition Cycles p/b Build 0:56:12 2 Curtis White (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com 0:00:20 3 Gage Hecht (USA) Aevolo 0:00:54 4 Tobin Ortenblad (USA) Santa Cruz Bicycles 0:01:06 5 Brannan Fix (USA) Fix Racing 0:01:15 6 Lance Haidet (USA) L39ION of los Angeles 0:01:28 7 Scott Funston (USA) Blue Competition Cycles p/b Build 0:01:36 8 Stephen Hyde (USA) Steve Tilford Foundation Racing 0:01:50 9 Scott McGill (USA) Aevolo 0:02:06 10 Gosse van der Meer (Ned) Bombtrack Bicycles p/b Hunt Wheels 0:02:15 11 Ross Ellwood (USA) Alpha Bicycle Co. – Groove Silverthorne 0:02:41 12 Jules van Kempen (USA) Alpha Bicycle Company – Groove Silverthorne 13 Tommy Servetas (USA) Competitive Edge Racing 0:02:56 14 Sam Brown (USA) Alpha Bicycle Co. – Groove Silverthorne 0:03:04 15 Ben Frederick (USA) Ornot/Thesmallmonstersproject/Ritchey 16 Eric Thompson (USA) Mspeedwax.com 0:03:08 17 Jacob Leblanc (USA) Competitive Edge Racing 0:03:26 18 Alexandre Vialle (Can) Toyota St-Eustache 0:03:43 19 Hugo Brisebois (Can) Ride With Rendall 0:03:52 20 Mark Myles (USA) Be Real Sports 0:03:55 21 Jonathan Anderson (USA) J Moneyz Racing 0:04:06 22 Nick Lando (USA) Competitive Edge Racing 0:04:15 23 Sam Noel (USA) Competitive Edge Racing 0:04:24 24 Finnegan O’Connor (USA) Comp Edge Racing 0:04:30 25 Max Judelson (USA) Voler/Clif/hrs/Rock Lobster 0:04:58 26 Tayne Andrade (USA) Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team 0:05:20 27 Andrew Giniat (USA) The Pony Shop p.b. KPMG 0:05:27 28 Andy Scott (USA) Riverside Racing 0:05:29 29 Nicholas F Tabares (USA) ASU Devo pro CX 0:05:40 30 Patrick Frank (USA) JAM / NCC 0:05:41 31 Eneas Freyre (USA) Ttendurance 0:05:42 32 Breeze Keller (USA) Specialized 0:07:13 33 Mike Dietrich (USA) Velocio Northeast 34 Christopher Niesen (USA) JAM / NCC 0:07:23 35 Adam Myerson (USA) Cycle-Smart 0:07:36 36 Matthew Graham-O’Regan (USA) Pratt Racing 37 Molly Cameron (USA) Point S Auto p/b Nokian Tyres 38 Andrew Loaiza (USA) Mettle Cycling p/b Leave it on the Road 39 Michael Marston (USA) Daedalus / Allstonvelo & Somervelo Racing 40 Aiden Mapel (USA) Competitive Edge Racing 41 Kaler Marshall (USA) Team Walla Walla 42 Cole Ellison (USA) Pratt Racing 43 Nick Hight-Huf (USA) Northampton Cycling Club 44 Frederick Junge (USA) Broom Wagon Works DNF Joshua Noggle (USA) Gambit Racing DNF Mark Hewitt (USA) JAM / NCC DNF Brody Sanderson (Can) AWI Racing p/b the Crank & Sprocket Bicycle Co.


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