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Endura Pro SL bib shorts review

Endura has been making high-quality cycling kit for a long time and its bib shorts have been worn and raced by some of the world’s best. Last year Endura gave its venerable Pro SL bib shorts a thorough overhaul including updating the construction and the chamois. 

What hasn’t been updated is Endura’s excellent levels of comfort and the wide range of sizing options that should cater to riders of all sizes. What’s most impressive about the Pro SL shorts is despite their affordable price tag, the performance is more than competitive with the best cycling shorts on the market. We have been riding the Endura Pro SL bib shorts for over a year now to determine whether these shorts are the benchmark against which all other bib shorts are measured.

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Endura Pro SL bib shorts

Endura offers the Pro SL in regular (pictured) and relaxed fit (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)
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Endura Pro SL bib shorts

The Pro SL shorts are available in three chamois sizes and two leg lengths (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)

Design and aesthetics

Endura has used Italian Lycra and uses Endura’s coldblack technology which reflects infrared and ultraviolet UV rays to reduce the warming effects of the sun, the shorts are also rated to provide UPF50 protection. A lumber support section extends around the top of the shorts to provide support for the fit and straps which are mounted to two-way stretch sections at the front. The rear section of the shorts extends high up the back using a wicking material that fixes to the shoulder straps just over the back of the shoulder.

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Endura Pro SL bib shorts

The shoulder straps anchor to the lumber support section via a strip of two way stretch fabric (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)
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Endura Pro SL bib shorts

Straps are broad and sit flat over the shoulders (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)
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Endura Pro SL bib shorts

Coldback treated material extends up the back which the straps mount to just behind the shoulders (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)

Unlike most brands, Endura offers a huge range of sizing in the Pro SL to cater for cyclists of all sizes. All shorts are available in the standard XS to XXL but are also available in a relaxed and regular fit. Both the relaxed and regular fit then come in a standard and long leg length which have a 4cm difference. It doesn’t stop there, if you choose the regular fit bib shorts we have here then you can also specify the chamois size, available in small, medium and large, which is based on your saddle width. If you are confused as to which chamois would suit you best, Endura has a pad fitting tool on its website which bases the pad size on your current saddle.

The bibs use the new 700 series chamois which was developed with gebioMized, a bike fit specialist in Germany. The pad is very smooth with no ribs or contouring, instead, it gradually thickens from the edges and centre to the pad’s deepest sections and the points where the support is needed. Endura says that the foam construction has also been improved and it has an antibacterial finish to keep the shorts fresher.

Endura may not hold the street cred of some premium chic brands, but it has kept branding simple and subtle so the shorts will go with any jersey in your current wardrobe. 

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Endura Pro SL bib shorts

Branding is minimal down the side of the leg (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)
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Endura Pro SL bib shorts

The leg length on the regular medium size shorts was perfect for my 34 inch inseam (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)


What’s noticeable when you first pull on the Pro SL bibs is that a lot of work has gone into the fit of these shorts. Body contours feel accounted for and the shorts’ pre-shaped multi-panel construction is shaped perfectly for an on-the-bike position. I opted for a medium bib short with the standard length leg to suit my 34-inch inseam and the length is spot on. The vertical silicon grips do a great job of holding the leg hems in place and the transition between short leg and skin is very smooth.

The chamois is well-positioned and stable within the shorts, keeping it in position and avoiding any reshuffling when re-seating. Obviously, chamois comfort does depend very much on individual riders however the medium chamois, based on the normal saddle width (between 135- and 145mm) I tested, seemed spot-on for width.

The Pro SL’s arent the most ventilated shorts on very hot days, for that Endura has the Xtract Lite, but they still perform admirably when the temperatures rise. On very hot days if there is any moisture build up the chamois deals with it well before it develops into a problem.

Endura also offers a repair service in case your Pro SL bib shorts, or any other Endura garments for that matter, get damaged in a crash. It’s not free like some other brands but £15 plus postage for a standard repair is a much better deal than having to fork out for a new pair of shorts.

Endura Pro SL bib shorts

The only wear after a good year of riding is the logo on the back has peeled off (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)


We have been using these bib shorts for over a year now, easily clocking up 5000km of saddle time, and they are consistently one of the most comfortable shorts in our rotation, not to mention, other than the logo at the back peeling off, they are yet to show any signs of wear. The fact that Endura offers the Pro SL bib short in different leg lengths and multiple chamois sizes is a huge plus for finding the perfect fit, but considering they don’t ask for a premium price for the level of tailored fit and performance is an absolute win. The attention to detail and work is evident, making these bib shorts the benchmark in which all other bib shorts are judged. 

Tech Specs: Endura Pro SL bib shorts

  • Price: £129.99 / $194.99 / €139.99
  • Material: 78% Nylon, 22% Elastane, 32% Polyester, 45% Nylon, 23% Elastane 
  • UV Protection: UPF50 
  • Sizes: XS to XXL
  • Fit: Regular and relaxed
  • Chamois sizes:
  • Colours: 1


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