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Katerina Nash wins women’s Belgian Waffle Ride California

Katerina Nash (Clif Pro Team) won the opening Beglian Waffle Ride in San Diego, California on Sunday. The retired professional multi-discipline racer soloed to victory by 2:12 ahead of runner-up Hannah Finchamp (Orange Seal off Road Team) and 7:55 ahead of third placed Moriah Wilson (Huck Racing).

“I’m beyond excited to take the win at Belgian Waffle Ride. The intimidating distance of 132 miles, the heat and the competition kept me focused. I put it all together and saved enough energy for final climb attack,” Nash wrote in a post on Instagram following her victory. 

“I cross the finish line with that amazing feeling of a big accomplishment and went straight to double-fisting my beers. It was a good day. Thank you for cheering everyone!”

Nash lined up with a strong field to contest the opening round  of the Beglian Waffle Ride in San Diego. The 212-kilometre route included more than 80 kilometres across 19 off-road sections. It also included 3,352 metres (11,000 feet) of climbing with three mountain ascents to make for a challenging race.

Nash formed part of a select group to emerge over the route’s long climbs. She was the strongest of a trio that included Finchamp and Wilson. However, Wilson fell off pace over the through a gravel section.

Nash attacked over the final climb and distanced Finchamp, and descend  into the finish line with a solo victory.

Pos. Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Katerina Nash (Clif pro Team) 7:15:09
2 Hannah Finchamp (Orange Seal off Road Team) 0:02:12
3 Moriah Wilson (Huck Racing) 0:07:55
4 Isabel King (Canyon) 0:08:31
5 Savilia Blunk (Orange Seal) 0:10:08
6 Crystal Anthony (Liv Racing Collective) 0:13:39
7 Raylyn Nuss (Steve Tilford Foundation Racing) 0:23:59
8 Kaysee Armstrong (Liv Factory) 0:38:23
9 Jessica Cerra (Groot Coureur) 0:41:12
10 Helena Gilbert-snyder (English Endurance) 0:41:30
11 Claudia Behring (Wattie ink Caffeine and Watts) 2:29:11
12 Mary Dannelley (Wheels4life) 2:35:45
13 Madeleine Myall (The pao App) 2:52:39
14 Natalie Maclean (Eliel Factory Team) 2:56:27
15 Julie Dunkle (2020 Bettysquad) 3:04:05
16 Paige Handy (Serious Cycling) 3:16:39
17 Elaine Bergeron 3:22:24
18 Michele Clode (Eliel Factory Team / Breakaway Training) 4:21:46
19 Patricia Murray (SDBC) 4:24:02
20 Lynn Hunter (Sacramento Golden Wheelmen) 4:29:49
21 Carla Hodulik 4:39:14
22 Arielle Little (Berkeley Bicycle Club) 4:41:10
23 Amber Pearson (Alto Velo) 4:42:43
24 Gabrielle Zacks (San Jose Bicycle Club)
25 Yeolim Jo (Tacos and Beer?) 4:45:45
26 Nancy Aguilar (Sierra Nevada) 4:51:13
27 Kellie Nelson (Crest/rbm Racing) 4:52:17
28 Carolyn Beck (Tony Jones, Nigel Rodgers) 5:02:39
29 Effie Bourgin (Rar Gravel Team) 5:05:15
30 Fnu Novita (Sunpower) 5:08:39
31 Julie Bartolomei (SDBC) 5:38:27


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