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Spatz Neoz gloves review | Cyclingnews

When it comes to the best winter cycling gloves, options manufactured from Neoprene are not the most popular around but they do a sterling job of keeping your digits warm. They only ever come out to play when the weather is truly vile, and you pull them off again and put them into hiding as soon as possible. Spatz has clearly spent some time creating a truly next-level glove in terms of comfort and control, while still keeping your hands warm. 


At almost £55, the Neoz gloves are expensive for neoprene but, like Spatz’s legendary long-leg overshoes, these aren’t any ordinary wetsuit mitts. Each section of the glove uses a specific thickness of four-way stretch neoprene with a brushed lining for cosiness. The seams are all taped with super durable sealing tape, curving around the preformed kit for an immediately snug and accurate fit. In fact, you’ll probably feel you got a size too small at first, but the gloves work best with a close fit, and the stretch means that’s not at the expense of your circulation. The gauntlet cuff comes right up your forearms for extra insulation of exposed blood flow through your wrist, because as Spatz says: “If you want to stop your radiators freezing, insulate your pipes”.


And the Neoz glove works brilliantly. While your hands will get wet from sweat, the thick backing insulation keeps them warm whatever rain, snow or sleet is bouncing off them. You’ll even be able to make snowballs without regretting it instantly. Plus, they’re light and not too bulky to stick in a back pocket. 

The real win with these gloves is the level of dexterity and control you still get with them. The close fit means no fumbling floppy fingertips getting trapped between brake and shift levers or pawing numbly at shifter buttons. There’s still enough feel to grab a decent-sized zipper tab or get an energy bar or gel. 

The palm and fingers are also fully covered with epoxy gel logos for reliable grip, however wet or dirty things get. The thinner palm, fit and stretch stop the gloves from crimping blood flow from a thermal sense. They also stop arm pump on long, rough gravel sections, which is normally a real issue with neoprene gloves. We’ve even been using them as our go-to glove for foul-weather mountain-bike sessions.

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Spatz Neoz

The thinner palm with epoxy gel logos help bar control and dexterity (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)
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Spatz Neoz

The Neoz are made from four-way stretch neoprene with a brushed lining for cosiness (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

So far they’re showing absolutely no signs of any wear or tear, although the amount we’ve worn them is starting to make them stink a bit (this happens when you ride them more than you wash them). Your hands will finish a ride pink and wrinkly, but the most important thing is they’ll still be warm and in working order. 

The only downside is that the fingertips aren’t touchscreen-compatible, but despite the length, the diagonal cuffs are easy to peel off and get back on fast if you really have to take a picture of that blizzard.  


The Spatz Neoz gloves are an outstanding winter-glove option for the worst weather conditions. They are durable, fit well, and are comfortable on your hands. They are a bit pricey, but you’re paying for the best protection from the elements. Some might find it annoying how clammy your hands get. The fingertips also don’t work with touch screens, but these are minor complaints. 

Tech specs: Spatz Neoz gloves

  • Price: £54.99
  • Weight: 93g (L)
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL 


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