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The new Chapter2 AO: A bike for all things gravel

It wasn’t that long ago that gravel bikes were mismatched road and mountain bike frames with odd wheel combinations, questionable brakes, and ultra-wide tires. At-home mechanics tried their best to toe the line between on-road and off-road, with technology borrowed from road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes. Combining disc brakes, wide tyres, and drop bars, the gravel bike was born. 

In the beginning, gravel bikes were heavy and slow, but they could sure handle the tough, off-road terrain. Gravel riding is unpredictable, and you could experience everything from a soft gravel path to a muddy singletrack trail, to a thick sea of rocks that looks like a construction site. Comfort and capability are of the utmost importance for gravel bikes, but the recent trend towards gravel racing means that they also need to be fast. 

In the Chapter2 AO, you’ll find a gravel bike that is equally capable as it is quick, designed to fit the needs and ever-changing landscape of gravel. With a number of features combining both speed and comfort, the Chapter2 AO will be loved by gravel riders and roadies alike. 


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Lightweight and stiff carbon frame

The Chapter2 AO was designed as a do-it-all gravel bike catering to both the adventurers and racers.  With a lightweight and stiff frame, the AO is built to withstand the rough and tumble of gravel, while also keeping pace with the best on climbs. The carbon frame is adaptable and performance-engineered, designed and tested on the rugged gravel roads in New Zealand to suit any athlete wanting to try their hand at the biggest races such as Unbound Gravel, Belgian Waffle Ride, or Grinduro. 

These races have tens of thousands of feet of climbing, sometimes on punchy pitches, and sometimes on long gravel grinds. The AO is designed to handle all of it, from steep gravel roads to hour-long climbs. Its lightweight frame won’t slow you down, and will handle better on descents thanks to its stiff carbon frame. 


(Image credit: Chapter2)

Adjustable rear centre to suit every occasion

Whether your needs are racing or adventure, the Chapter2 AO is braced for the challenge. Its rear centre can be adjusted to fit any ride style, part of what makes the AO Chapter2’s Gravel and Adventure ‘Swiss army knife’ frameset. 


(Image credit: Chapter2)

Ample tire clearance and ability to use 700C and 650B wheels

Gravel tires are getting wider and wider as manufacturers improve their craft and reduce the negative effects of rolling resistance. As the gravel market trends towards wider and wider tires, the Chapter2 AO adjusts to fit those needs. With plenty of tire clearance, you’ll never need to worry about a tight fit with wide gravel tires. 

Adventure rides are as popular as ever, and the Chapter2 AO has the space and capabilities to fit whatever tires you need, including 700C and 650B wheels. Tires up to 42mm wide fit on the 700C wheels, while tires up to 47mm wide will fit on the 650B wheels.

Whether it’s single-track exploring or light off-roading, the Chapter2 AO will be the perfect fit for whatever tires you need. 


(Image credit: Chapter2)


The Chapter2 AO was designed to suit the ever-changing landscape of gravel, which has trended towards versatile bikes that can both race and explore. The AO’s lightweight frame, adjustable rear centre, and wide tire clearance are just a few features that make the bike so well-rounded, but there’s even more.

Riders of the Chapter2 AO can fit a dropper, five bottles, panniers, and mudguards, turning it into the ultimate gravel touring bike that is still lightweight and race-ready. Perhaps you want to do a 7-day bike-packing trip, or you want to try for the Top 100 at the Belgian Waffle Ride – you can do both on the Chapter2 AO gravel bike. This bike is designed to be the only frame you’ll ever need for gravel, whether it’s trudging through thick rock gardens or powering over the Flint Hills gravel. 

Check out the Chapter2 AO gravel bike 


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