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UCI Road World Championships 2020 – Elite Women’s ITT Start List

The 2020 UCI Road World Championships will commence with 51 elite women taking turns on the 31.7km course at Imola. 

A total of 39 countries will be represented, with the highest number of three athletes riding for the United States, including defending champion Chloé Dygert. 

There are 10 countries with two athletes, including The Netherlands with Anna van der Breggen, who was second last year, and Ellen van Dijk, a world champion in the TT in 2013. She is taking a roster spot in the place of Annemiek van Vleuten, who was forced to withdraw from the event due to a fractured wrist a week ago in the Giro Rosa. 

Last year, Dygert won in dominant fashion with heavy rain and on hilly course in Yorkshire. This year is a fast, flat course with a mild weather forecast that should not bring any additional challenges.

Start List
Bib Rider (Country) Start Time
51 Amber Joseph (Barbados) 14:40:00
50 Margret Palsdottir (Iceland) 14:41:30
49 Jarmila Machacova (Czech Republic) 14:43:00
48 Valeriya Kononenko (Ukraine) 14:44:30
47 Mikayla Harvey (New Zealand) 14:46:00
46 Ann-sophie Duyck (Belgium) 14:47:30
45 Sara Martin Martin (Spain) 14:49:00
44 Elizabeth Banks (Great Britain) 14:50:30
43 Emma Cecilie Norsgaard Jorgensen (Denmark) 14:52:00
42 Karol-ann Canuel (Canada) 14:53:30
41 Audrey Cordon Ragot (France) 14:55:00
40 Vittoria Guazzini (Italy) 14:56:30
39 Mieke Kroger (Germany) 14:58:00
38 Siham Es-saddy (Morocco) 14:59:30
37 Eyeru Tesfoam Gebru (Ethiopia) 15:01:00
36 Fernanda Yapura (Argentina) 15:02:30
35 Dana Rozlapa (Latvia) 15:04:00
34 Eri Yonamine (Japan) 15:05:30
33 Rotem Gafinovitz (Israel) 15:07:00
32 Lauren Stephens (United States Of America) 15:08:30
31 Teniel Campbell (Trinidad & Tabago) 15:10:00
30 Agusta Edda Bjornsdottir (Iceland) 15:11:30
29 Tereza Korvasova (Czech Republic) 15:13:00
28 Akvile Gedraityte (Lithuania) 15:14:30
27 Claire Faber (Luxembourg) 15:16:00
26 Kerry Jonker (South Africa) 15:17:30
25 Olga Shekel (Ukraine) 15:19:00
24 Eugenia Bujak (Slovenia) 15:20:30
23 Arlenis Sierra Canadilla (Cuba) 15:22:00
22 Georgia Williams (New Zealand) 15:23:30
21 Sara van de Vel (Belgium) 15:25:00
20 Lourdes Oyarbide Jimenez (Spain) 15:26:30
19 Grace Brown (Australia) 15:28:00
18 Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria) 15:29:30
17 Alice Barnes (Great Britain) 15:31:00
16 Pernille Mathiesen (Denmark) 15:32:30
15 Catalina Anais Soto Campos (Chile) 15:34:00
14 Lisa Norden (Sweden) 15:35:30
13 Leah Kirchmann (Canada) 15:37:00
12 Aigul Gareeva (Russian Federation) 15:38:30
11 Ellen van Dijk (Netherlands) 15:40:00
10 Amber Leone Neben (United States Of America) 15:41:30
9 Olga Zabelinskaya (Uzbekistan) 15:43:00
8 Anna Plichta (Poland) 15:44:30
7 Juliette Labous (France) 15:46:00
6 Vittoria Bussi (Italy) 15:47:30
5 Alena Amialiusik (Belarus) 15:49:00
4 Lisa Brennauer (Germany) 15:50:30
3 Marlen Reusser (Switzerland) 15:52:00
2 Anna van der Breggen (Netherlands) 15:53:30
1 Chloe Dygert (United States Of America) 15:55:00


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